TRP Torque Issue 6 out now featuring LCV parts!

TRP Torque Issue 6 out now featuring LCV parts!

4th May 2021 | DAF UK

TRP is the UK's largest range of All Makes Truck & Trailer parts. Now the range features a growing range of van parts too!

Products including suspension, steering, starters & alternators, bulbs, wipers, batteries and water pumps covering most popular applications are available, and further enhanced by a huge range of consumables that are essential to all workshops.

With the largest network in the UK for commercial vehicles parts, and many locations offering multiple daily deliveries, the TRP range of LCV parts should immediately come to mind when you need quality parts in a hurry!

And becasue all parts are backed by a full DAF Trucks warranty, you can be assured that whatever you purchase will be reliable and offer real value for money over the life of the part.

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